Palenque Ruins
3rd year Anniversary today! Arrived at Palenque and grabbed a cab to El Panchan where all the hippy folk stay to find some cabanas in the jungle. Phoebe noticed both of her feet were completely swollen and was a bit worried about a DVT! We had breakfast and then prepared ourselves to visit the ruins. We got dropped off at the exit rather than the entrance (thanks!) and had a little confusion about where to get tickets. Eventually we walked into the reserve to examine their ruins. I must say they were really beautiful in the jungle seeing with waterfalls and howler monkeys in the background. We wandered around for two hours having to stop in the shade to recover from the heat. Once complete we caught a little bus back to El Panchan for late lunch at afternoon beers. Sadly after that we wrote a mail to sort our trip to Flores and then organised a tour. We then crashed for the entire evening as we were totally cream crackered.