Pak Chong

Debbie woke me up with a hammering on the door. Got up had some breakfast and then had a cold shower. Met two Americans and two Irish and sat talking to them for a while before walking to a bank so Debs and Charlotte could change some money. We returned and had lunch (via another trip to the supermarket. At three we set off in the jeep to visit some caves where Buddist monks still use the caves for meditation. they were amazing especially when we turned all the torches off, it was pitch black and no sound could be heard except for maybe bats squeaking! We stayed there for a while then set off again We travelled into the park and walked up a steep hill before sitting down outside a massive cave full of about a million bats! As the sun went down they started coming out. All one million of them flying down to the forest below. It was an amazing sight. After that we walked down the hill, back to the truck and headed back to the ranch. An American guy called Steve and I played some music together (me on a guitar and him on the flute) which was good before going to bed.