Pak Chong

Woke up with Tom (the Swedish who runs the place) hammering on the door at 6am. I got up and had breakfast and met Debs and Charlotte. We got some stuff together and with the others got onto the back of the truck. About an hour later we made into Keoh Yai and stopped. We all put tobacco leaves mixed with water onto our boots and socks to protect ourselves from the leaches we were to encounter on our walk. The first two hours were amazing as we trekked through the jungle. We didn’t see much apart from leaches as they crawled along the ground attaching themselves to peoples feet (well boots). After this we stopped at a watch tower to have a break. After that those who wanted to could carry on. (Charlotte and the booish girls walked back to the jeep) We walked a further 2 1/2 hours before meeting the girls at the reservoir. The total walk was about 10K We then drove to a waterfall which was nice where we had lunch. We then drove further into the park to the big waterfall which was quite a walk with all the steps involved. This is the waterfall which claimed 2 elephants which was a sad event. We had dinner here and at nightfall we drove back through the park with a powerful spot light trying to spot animals. The only animals we did spot, were samba deer and frogs as it was raining. It took 1 1/2 hours to drive out of the park back into the main road and then a further 1/2 mile till we made it back to the Jungle Guest House. Very tired I went to bed and had a bloody good sleep.