Older but with a new guitar

Ibanez S1625TKS
Yep, another year old and another year wiser? Probably not….but still turning 36 gave me an excuse to buy another Ibanez. The new guitar is an 2003 Ibanez S1625TKS which I had to pick up in Kilburn, London before heading back to the city office to work for the rest of the day. Still when I got to Pheeb’s place I did get a chance to play for the evening whilst Pheeb’s did some revision for her pending Acupuncture exam. However the new purchase just adds to the list I’ve already got:

Electric Guitars

Ibanez S470 OL – s/n F415041 – 1994
Ibanez S470 JB – s/n F405853 – 1994
Ibanez S1625TKS – s/n F0300343 – 2003
Hohner – 3GT – “80s” – Headless Guitar

The links of the guitars should take you to the Ibanez catalogue entry and for dating the guitar you’ll need to find and translate the serial number from the headstock using this information.

Acoustic Guitar

Ovation Celebrity CS157
Valencia CG160 – s/n 0516676
Yamaha APXT-1 – s/n 60415799

Bass Guitar

Hohner – “The Jack” – Headless Bass – 8856070

Mmmmm, can you ever have too many guitars? 🙂