Mmmm, on my musical quest of life I’ve been playing with Logic Express and laying down some tracks. Now a friend of mine is trying to get me to write songs from the top down whilst I try to write from the bottom up. Adrian is trying to batter Melody into my small narrow minded brain which is the key to writing a decent song. Thankfully he knows what he’s talking about having played the organ for a number of years and being musically minded (unlike me!). So what I ended up with is a play track called fosters (coz I was drinking a can at the time), however as Adrian points out…’s not going anywhere. Damm, back to the drawing board. You can listen to it online below:

_start(FALSE, “order=7”)

However perhaps this can be said about a number of my other pieces especially a track called playing, which again produced in Logic whilst I attempt how to use all the different tools and utils. I guess the main thing for me to learn is structuring pieces of music into an interesting listening experience. Still the other reason for writing music is the freedom of expression which is something that drives most musicians anyway. Serendipity was one of those numbers which I wrote many years ago and decided to re-record in Logic rather than the old 4 track copy I converted to mp3. I still think that a lot of my playing style originates from Satriani and several people have already commented to that. I’m still determined to grasp this melodic first writing style and hopefully produce some cool catchy numbers for the band. You can listen to playing below:

_start(FALSE, “order=9”)

Watch this space and listen (ear plugs standing by!)


Oh, if anyone fancies listening to watch I’m current listening to then have a look here and have a listen to the last track “Jono Fernandez – Deliver Me” which takes you on a emotional trance ride…….. I think I might set myself a challenge and write something along the same lines.