Madras -> Kanchipuram

We were now in another hot smelly large city. We managed to get off the coach near some travel shops and asked them how to get to Kanchipuram. We managed to get a local bus out of Madras which was hot, and crammed full of Indians even hanging out of the door. Anyway after two and a half hours we made it to Kanchipuram and it wasn’t what I expected. It was much like any other Indian small town, hot smelly and noisy but that life huh. After drinking some cold 7Up we both had shower and relaxed, for a while and then set off by ricky ricksaw to the station to find out that we needed to book our tickets in Madras to go to Delhi. Oh well there’s nothing quite like the Indian railway system!. We then checked out another hotel restaurant and returned back to our hotel the Sri Rama Lodge.