Madras -> Delhi

Had a lie in this morning till about nine, got up and attempted to get breakfast at one place.. and failed,, we then tried the hotel Comfort I tried hard to explain about cold milk and corn flakes (they always heat the milk) but they didn’t have any anyway! So we had toast jam and coffee which was nice. Went shopping today. I brought a new guitar with bag strings etc for about 1000 rupees (only £20!)and Debs got some paper. We then played cards back at Broadlands and I played guitar while Debs fell asleep! Typical!! We then had a shower, packed and got ricky ricksaw to the Blue Diamond hotel where we had dinner and sat around until we went to Central Station to catch our train back to Delhi! We found our train which was AC and well nice compared to the other methods of travel, we were used to. The train departed on time and we set off through the night back to mayhem!