Woke up early (about 7am) and laid around until about 7.45am before I got up and had breakfast. I tried to phone Lucy but the phone place was not open and then I made my way along to Spice Dive where I spent the whole day re-learning about diving technology and theory, we also watched the PADI video series. At lunchtime I walked back to Chono’s and had lunch with Charlotte and Giles (who had a hangover!). At about 1.00pm I headed back to the dive class and did not finish until about 3.30pm when I headed to the beach to meet the others. A long swim was needed before we moved on to the pizza place for a cold drink and a tea-time snack. Then went back to our rooms and relaxed for a while before going up the road for a beer and to watch a film Unlawful Entry. Afterwards Giles and I went out and about. We went to phone my sister first and then had a beer at some quiet bar before walking down to the beach where we met lots of Indonesians around a five playing guitar so I got mine. An hour later we left in search of food and eventually found a dodgy food place which consisted of cold rice and satay chicken. We then walked back and went to be.