Lovina -> Candidasa

Woke up feeling groggy after last night’s few beers. Got up and got myself some breakfast and took my cup of tea back to my room. I finished packing and banged on Giles/Charlotte’s door, eventually after writing a note Giles opened the door and I told him I was going to meet Deb’s. With that I caught a bemo to Singarja and from there took another to a bemo which took me to Dedugal. I met Debs up the road and we went to a restaurant where I got something to eat. By this time it was heavily raining so we waited for a while until it had calmed down before catching a bemo to Straubali Hill where we were supposed to be meeting Giles and Charlotte. We waited outside for a while but eventually went inside and ordered tea and a snack. By the time our food and drink had arrived, Giles and Charlotte had arrived. We sat for a while and waited for the rain to stop before we got a bemo to Denpaser and then another to Batubulan from which we got a bus to Candidasa. When we got there we found a place to stay and then wandered around to find a place to eat before returning to our rooms and Debs and I curled up asleep.