Woke up about 7ooam and lay there for a while, got up and had breakfast before saying goodbye to Debs. I was picked up and taken to Spice Dive where I gathered some equipment together had a brief with John before we walked over the road to get to a small boat. We (John and I) were taken to a short way out of Lovina beach over the reef. We got in and descended I did some more skills and then we continued on our dive. I saw a lion fish, a blue spotted stingray and a moray eel plus lots of pretty coral shapes and fans. It was a very enjoyable dive. We waited 40 minutes on the boat and then changed position before diving again. This again was similar to the first but still it was nice to swim at 18 metres under the sea and watch all the life about. Anyway we surfaced and returned to Spice Dive and I completed the exam and was awarded the PADI open water diver certification. I then returned to my room found Debs note and then went to lunch. Afterwards I went for a walk and bumped into Charlotte and Giles. I said I’d met them later and went and got all my postcards. I returned to my room and wrote all my postcards and put them in the post box next door. We went to the beach for a while and then returned where I did some washing and relaxed. We then went to the pizza place for happy hour followed by moving to a restaurant playing Cliff Hanger. We had dinner there and more beer. Saw John from the dive centre and once more said thanks and goodbye. We then went next door and played Pool and drank some more beer followed by watching the band play. Afterwards I returned to my room and Charlotte had to wait a while as Giles had run off with the key. Eventually he returned and I went to sleep.