Woke up at 7am and prepared myself to go diving after six years. I had breakfast and was then picked up and taken to Spice Dive where I was given some dive lit which was thrown into a bag for me. After a quick chat with John to talk about what was going to happen on the dive we set off to via a van to Menangan Island. It took about an hour to reach the place where we caught the boat out to the first dive site. It was really nice dive, lots of life and the viz was excellent. After that we made it to a small island where we stopped for lunch. After another short boat trip we made it to another site and again it was another pleasant dive. Following that we had the 1/2 boat trip back and the 1 hour drive back to Spice Dive. I then returned back to our room and Debs and I went to the restaurant while we had a snack (well I had food Debs just watched). We then went back to our room for a while and then went up the road to watch the film Trading Places, while we had a beer. We then moved to the beach for dinner. After that we went back and turned in together.