Well not one of my best days as about 5.45am I had to make a very quick dash to the toilet and a few more trips afterwards. Trust my luck! Tried to walk up to the Dive centre with Debs but I felt sick so I went back. Debs came back after speaking to John the dive instructor. I spent the remainder of the day in bed and Debs looked after me. Tried to play scrabble but was not able to play for long. Debs spent the morning on the beach whilst I collapsed in bed. She did however bring some bread for me which I had with some soup which did wonders for me. I managed to get up have a shower which made me feel better. We then went out for a drink at the pizza place, which eventually turned into dinner. Afterwards we all walked back to our room and I turned into bed as I was still feeling tired after my ill fated day…..Sad face