We were awoken at 5.30am by a bloke who was going to take us to see the dolphins. We got a bemo up the road and set out on a boat trip to the reef where the dolphins swam. they are amazing creatures and we only saw them briefly jumping out of the water and swimming in schools. . Of course there was another 20 odd boats doing the same! Eventually we headed back Giles was not falling asleep and did not feel so well. Probably drunk too much the night before. We then got another bemo back to Chonos and after some breakfast Debs and I fell asleep. At about 12pm I awoke and Debs and I went to get some lunch. We met Charlotte and watched a small kitten playing before returning again to our rooms. Debs and I decided to go to Singaraja for the afternoon and we easily caught a bemo. We spent an hour looking around the shops but most of them were shut I guess they open early and shut in the afternoon. Oh well! Anyway we brought a drink and headed back to Lovina where we got changed and headed down to the beach to catch the last of the day’s sun. We then decided to go for a quick beer followed by trying pictionary before Debs and I went to bed early.