London to Nairobi

After finishing work and last minute packing we left sunny Basingstoke for our African adventure. Firstly however, we had to get to Heathrow. We started our journey therefore by catching the train to Reading and then the Rail Air coach service to Heathrow (we then had to catch another local bus to terminal four). Once there we didn’t have to queue for long at check-out which was a bonus and we were through to the departure lounge. To kill some time and ease our stomach pangs we had some dinner at some American diner type place and then wandered around for a short time before boarding the plane. Unfortunately, due to the plane being late landing on the previous flight it meant we were an hour late leaving. Anyway, 8.5 hours later we arrived in Nairobi Airport, we even managed to snooze a bit on the flight which wasn’t too bad apart from the technical difficulties with the media system (no movies for us!).