London –> Delhi (India)

What can one say? Going to India……… that’s nice……After a gruelling 8 hour flight landed at Delhi airport. The first thing that hits you in the face is the heat, followed by sheer panic “bloody hell.. Its hotâ€? (79 degrees f) and then oh my god, where am I, what the hell am I doing going away.. to here. After collecting our baggage we were lucky enough to meet two Aussies and two English people. We decided to stick together and get a taxi to an hotel. After exiting the airport, you then faced with more heat…and people…hundreds staring at you as if to say give me money. The whole surrounding area is just full of people sleeping on the ground. Well after that shock we are then whisked away with the complete mad taxi driver who takes us to our destination, and to complete mayhem. This may take me a while to get my head round this.