Lake Nakuru to Eldoret

Another early morning with a 6am start. After a coffee we set off in the van for a morning game drive. It was fairly chilly in the dawn mist driving through the trees. After a while we saw black rhino, white rhino and two leopards!!!! All of which are pretty elusive so we were very lucky. I (Andy) spotted the first leopard crossing the road ahead of us but wasn’t sure what it was but we all scrambled to the window and saw this beauty wondering off towards the trees. Often spotted the second lying in a tree but because we had to shout to get the truck to stop we scared it off sadly. Later we saw a couple more lions languishing in the shade. One was lying on his back with his paws in the air, an adolescent male. We saw many more baboons too which were also fun to watch – scratching, fighting, munching, playing, prodding, teasing, cuddling. Eventually we made it uphill to Baboon View to look out across the amazing vista overlooking Lake Nakuru. It was good to stand back and take it all in although there were some loud tourist groups there which kinda dented the mood. Anyway, we saw lots of red and blue little lizards and some highly painted birds. From here we headed back to the campsite for brunch and to pack our bags for the next adventure. It was interesting driving through African landscape seeing how the locals live. After several hours we arrived at Eldoret and found our campsite. However, it started to chuck it down so we decided not to camp but to pay extra for rooms which was kinda cool. It meant we got hot showers and proper loos for one night. After settling down we met back in the bar for some beers before going for dinner at the truck. Of course, after that we went back to the bar and put our feet up at the open fire – glorious! Tonight we went to bed in a proper bed, I (Pheebs) quite missed the tent though :o)