Lake Bunyoni

Awoke just before dawn but snoozed a little longer which was nice. However, it wasn’t much longer as we were rudely woken by the cacawing of black and white ravens. They were huge and so noisy! We wondered down to the truck for breakfast and then met Duncan from ‘Little Angel’s’ who too us on a tour of the local village on route to the orphanage school. We met a wonderful and truly inspiring elderly couple called Freda (84) and her husband (87). What a delightful time we spent with them. They were fantastic, wonderful and hospitable. Freda greeted us with enthusiasm, smiles, hugs, bum and boob gropes (apparently that is acceptable in Uganda!) and giggles. She was great fun indeed and her husband just loitered shyly in the background with an enormous smile. Duncan gave her one of his new Little Angel t-shirts. After we left, we walked to the Little Angels primary school for mostly orphaned or deprived kids aged 3-8. We split into three age groups and spent some time in class with the kids which was a bit awkward as they didn’t speak great English but already knew the action songs we were gonna teach. Oh well. We then went outside to enjoy some of their entertainment including some singing and dancing although it was difficult to walk as so many kids were fighting to hold your hand. I (Andy) was then given a guitar and had to play something!! Under the pressure I could only think of Wonderwall which I played and the team sang along. The kids seemed to love it though as I was swamped by them. After the fun and games it was time to give the kids their new t-shirts which kinda took a long time in the burning hot sun but they were ever-so patient. I (Pheebs) had a bashful little girl that as soon as we left the classroom held my hand at every possible opportunity. I was pained to see them so desperate for our attention, they were so tiny with bloated tummies and snotty noses. Life really was tough for these little ones. After the t-shirts and many photos for Duncan’s new website, we helped give the kids their lunch which was basically a cup of sloppy watery porridge. They seemed to love it though. Finally, we were taken into a classroom to complete our donation/sponsorship forms. We decided to sponsor a little 5 year old child called Success. We really hope he stands up to the name with a little financial help from us. We told him to work hard. It will be interesting to see how his education and life progresses. It was certainly a humbling and sober experience for us. At the end of the morning we left the kids and headed back to the campsite in three rather rickety boats – and there is reported to be bilharzias in this lake so we were a little worried about capsizing. It was super hot so we had showers and then chilled while sorting some photo’s on the laptop. We did the usual bar then dinner routine and went to bed.