Woke up with Debs on the door got up and Debs went back to bed not feeling well. So Charlotte and I went for a quick visit to the beach and went for a dip. It was great to get bashed around by the waves. After a bit I headed back to check on Debs who was asleep. Charlotte and I went for a walk around Kuta and it was about 1 1/2 hours before we returned after getting some breakfast. Debs was OK and the rest of the afternoon was spent reading and relaxing. I met the guy next door called Stuart who was Ok apart from his laugh. Anyway we sat talking to him for a while and then all got ready to go out. We had dinner whilst watching Judge Dread. Debs went back to bed and Charlotte, Stuart and I headed into town. Tried to phone home and failed. We then went to this pub/club place and got plastered. We staggered back to bed about 3am after getting some food.