Well we both woke up with slight hangovers. I managed to get up and head down the supermarket to get some water and paracetemol as she was and to get out of bed. We then got ready and walked up the road to have a good breakfast we then wandered through Kuta looking for sarongs to buy! I bought some more kinky trousers and then we walked back towards our room. We stopped at a sarong place and managed to get 6 to 36 thousand which was a really good deal. We returned to our room and dumped the shopping off. We then walked to McDonalds for lunch and then went to get some bread and batteries. We again walked back to our room and got out beach gear ready. We hit the beach and the sea. The waves were really big and we both had fun diving and being stupid in the sea. Giles made a guest appearance for a while and then went back and had a shower. We then spent a while packing our stuff and playing cards. Giles and Charlotte turned up and we went out to dinner and watched a film. Dinner was good but the film was far too cheesy. Giles and Charlotte went back to their room and Debs and I stayed for a while before returning to our room. She then left to say goodnight to Charlotte. Debs and I read for a while and then went to sleep excited that we were going home tomorrow.