Was awoken from my sleep by some stupid foreign girls who eventually shut up by about 6am. After that I went back to sleep and was awoken later by Debs knocking on the door and she snoozed with me. We then got up and went to have breakfast. Charlotte joined us. After which we got ready to hit the beach for another day of sun and sand. We got a sun shade and relaxed for the afternoon. About 5ish we headed back to our rooms and then Charlotte and I headed for a brief visit into town and I brought a Balinese tape which is well mellow. Charlotte had to dash back due to a visit to the toilet and I ambled back via changing a travellers cheque. On returning Debs and Charlotte were feeling tummy upsets. I then went and had dinner on my own. I returned and Debs, and Charlotte went to meet Giles at the airport and left me on my own again. I played my guitar for a few hours and attempted to write a letter to Lucy.