Woke up about 6ish with a headache. Oh well serves me right. Popped a panadol and some water and went back to sleep for a while. A while later Debs banged on the door again and I got up. She then continued plaiting my hair. She finished about l.3opm (lunchtime) and by now we were all hungry so we went to the special deal pizza place. After feeling better for food inside we returned and prepared to hit the beach for the afternoon. This meant slapping lots of high factor sunscreen on Charlotte and me due to the fact we had got burnt the day before (me and my dark tanning cream oil) After a swim and a few plays on the game boy it was sunset again. We returned back to our rooms and I had a shower and got ready to go out. We went to the pizza place for drinks and then moved next door to the mellow restaurant/bar for dinner. After nearly falling asleep we returned back to our rooms and to bed early.