Woke up with smiley face. Laid in bed for a while and then got up and wandered off to get breakfast which was good. We then walked down to the beach via pit stop for a visit. We then went to the beach and laid worshipping the sun. Debs started plaiting my hair. With a break for a swim and food she continued until 5.30pm and then we headed back to our rooms where Debs continued to plait my hair. She gave up and we went to dinner. It was nice dinner consisting of beer and pizza! After another beer we decided to go and investigate the town! We walked for a while and went into one bar but it was quite expensive so we went back to the Ship one where I previously god drunk. Funnily enough the same thing happened again. A very amusing evening as two blokes tried to chat Charlotte up but failed. About 1ish we headed to get a burger and chips and then walked back where I passed out!