Kanchipuram -> Madras

Woke up very early but even so the room was hot. Left the hotel by ricky and decided to have breakfast at the Hotel Tanoil Nody before nabbing a ricksaw Walla to take us round the temples. We managed to barter him down to 200 rupees and set off to the lst temple and the largest. We even got blessed in the temple for a long life and prosperous family (cause they thought we were married!). After that we got conned into feeding the holy fish for 10 rupees and then the guide tried to get some money from us, but failed!. The next temple was the one I wanted to see and I found the picture from the “Way of the Warrior” and take a snap of me next to it, the next temple was not as good but I also found another picture from the book and again had my picture taken next to it. After that we packed and took a long hot bus ride back to Madras to the Brooklands Lodge which was recommended by (LP) and even included little bits which I wasn’t allowed to touch. Debs phoned home and I had to wait till after dinner. We had dinner in a nice restaurant up the road and returned back to book our train ticket to Delhi tomorrow night at 9pm! I even managed to talk to Mum, Dad and Nan after two weeks of not being able to talk to them.