Woke up feeling not that bad. Wend downstairs had some toast and coffee and then proceeded to the train station where we tried to queue to get (well try!) a train ticket from here (Jaipur) to Udaipur but there were long queues because the computer system had gone down (sounds familiar!) So the taxi driver suggested that we got a bus and he knew a man that would like to take us there (of course!). We ordered our tickets and returned to the hotel where we swam and relaxed back at the room. After which we played cards and I ate too much chocolate. We tried to eat dinner at another restaurant next to the hotel but it was not very good. We returned back to the room to play cards and got bored. Both had showers and went to bed where Debs passed out like a light. Hopefully we will go shopping and I’ll try and get a chess set! Well you never know!