Saw the most amazing thunder storm last night. The sky was filled with light flashes and rained hard, we even had a power cut, which did’nt help as it was quite humid. Anyway went to sleep and woke up feeling like shit as there had been a power cut again so the room was hot. Did not feel like breakfast and had to make a quick dash to the toilet due to the whirly squirts, after which I felt completely drained. Debs managed to drag me off to the palace where the front cover of The lonely Planet was taken. Debs haggled too much with the ricksaw driver and we had a 10 minute walk to find another. After a dive in the half finished (filled) pool we (well me) rested for a while and went off to Niras for dinner via a cycle rickaw which was quite an up market restaurant(for India!) before returning back to the hotel where DBEs haggled again (I just like watching) before another swim (this time full) in the swimming pool. Ate some chocolate (Cadbury’s Crackle) and some butter biscuits before lying down and sleeping.