It's Snow Use!

Stopped in Basingstoke
A little bit of snow and the country grinds to a halt… It was a shame I had to be in the office for the late shift otherwise I would have worked from home and missed all the fun but hey it wasn’t to be. It had been snowing all afternoon as predicted by the weathermen and some folks had been lucky enough to be let off home early and hence avoid the majority of traffic delays. For the ones that didn’t seemed to get caught in the madness. One poor sod had to drive back to the office due to no traction once they got off the motorway, hills seem to have that effect with cars and snow. It took Craig 4 odd hours to drive back to Alton, which didn’t give me hope for me once I finished work at 9pm for returning to Basingstoke. To make matters worse the Basingstoke junction was closed which meant the A30. So the time came and I set off up the minley road very very slowly. This driving (car in snow mode) continued pretty much all the way to Basingstoke and hence why it took me 2 1/2 hours to get home. It was tiring due to having to concentrate on the car in front making sure I had enough stopping distance in case I skidded. which actually happened quite a few times. In a sadistic sort of way I actually enjoyed the time driving back as it made driving a little more challenging. What was particularly eery was coming off the A30 into Basingstoke and noticing the vast number of abandoned cars sitting on verges, roundabouts and anywhere essentially off the main carriageway. I’ve certainly not seen it this bad in my life time. Strangely enough countries that do have a lot of snow do seem to cope unlike us. I mean you only have to get a couple of leaves on line for the trains to stop. 🙂 Getting up the hill to my road was really fun as I kept loosing traction on the back wheels (rear wheel drive car) but lucky enough I managed to make it and get home… phew.
My Home Street
Snow is fantastic in that it transforms any drab place into a place of beauty as you can see from the picture of my road above. Right….it’s time for bed. 🙂