Installing Oracle on hobbes

Seeing as I have to investigate Solaris interoperability issues with Oracle, I thought I’d install X86 on my home system running Nevada build 94 but unfortunately there is a problem during the installation linking which was logged under CR 6646842 – “linker will not link 32bit Oracle on nevada, Oracle cannot be installed”. However the following workaround:

cd /export/home/oracle/home/lib
ar -x libn10.a ntcontab.o
elfedit -e ‘sym:st_size ntcontab 0x60’ ntcontab.o
cp libn10.a libn10.a.orig
ar -r libn10.a ntcontab.o

allowed me to run up an Oracle instance. Obviously, once that change is in place you’ll need to relink Oracle.

Also worth noting that you’ll need to use ./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs
when installing Oracle otherwise it’ll complain about not being supported in Solaris 11.