Hyderabad -> Madras

We arrived in Hyderabad about 11 o’clock not feeling all that bad due to a nice bus. We got a taxi straight to the bus travel street and booked ourselves on another bus journey after which we entered an eating establishment but didn’t like the look of it and set off by ricky ricksaw to the Ritz 4 star hotel. We had a coke and went to the pool for a couple of hours. After that we had some nice food and expensive water, played cards and then got another ricksaw back to the bus stop where we had a mild disagreement with the taxi driver involving a duff 10 rupee note and it was ended when Debs got some more change when she brought some water. So we were off on another 15 hour bus expedition (well they are! Debs was hoping that they wouldn’t play the TV that was tucked away on board….to be continued…………but she was wrong we suffered two hours of some Indian film that neither of us had a clue about. Oh well it was fun apart from the seats in front! which were buggered and my seat didn’t work.