Hanging around

Most amusing weekend, spend it down in sunny Bournmouth for Adrians stag do. It started out with an interesting walk down the beach with the stag wearing a very fetching number. Seemed to get the ladies attention though, perhaps a new way to pull…. lol. Several beers, interesting looks, playing the guitar on the beach we headed off back into town for a curry. Perhaps not the best thing to do before going out afterwards for further beers….I’m sure I could smell the curry haze all around us! A visit to plently of bars with the intermix with hen parties proved life’s still out there. A select few found a late night bar/pub and danced all night. The next day was painful, with myself being the major casualty of then evening. I’m sure the older I get the worse my handovers get.Still 3 hours climbing in trees and death slides soon cured that. It was arranged for us to visit Go Ape and trust me it was the pinicle of the weekend. They have another in Bracknell which I think should be paid a visit for further monkeying around………..now I’ve got a week to recover before the next stag weekend………body on standby…….

Pictures from the events are available here via Adrian’s website and the Best man’s site here