Gili Trawangan -> Ubud

Woke up early ordered breakfast and finished packing. Once we were ready we left and walked down the road to where we had to catch the shuttle boat to Lombok. The boat trip did not take that long but we did get a little wet on the way. Once we got to Lombok we waited for a while before a bus took us to another bus station. This bus took us to the ferry station at Lemb. From here we had a 4 1/2 hour ferry trip back to Bali. The trip was not that bad apart from all the Indonesian men staring at Debs, but they got out stared by me. Once we made it to Panedanfeli we got on a coach that drove us to Ubad. It only took one hour. Once we arrived in Ubad we walked to the place we stayed at before. We met Charlotte and Giles there, and we both got change4d and all went out to dinner. The food was OK but it took a while to cook, as the place only had one cooker. After that we walked back to our rooms. I played Guitar for a while and Debs read. After a bit we decided to go to sleep as we had deserved it after a long day travelling from Gili Trawangan.