Gili Trawangan

The cockerel woke me up again but it did not matter as I had to be up I was going diving. I ordered my breakfast and ate that. I said goodbye to Debs and walked to the dive centre. I got my stuff ready and then walked out to the boat. I was diving with just a dive master. She was ok and we talked a lot. Anyway her strap broke and we had a detour to another board for another one. Anyway we went to the dive site and then my bc broke. We waited while the others dived. After they surfaced we returned to the centre and got a replacement. the dive was ok but I had a problem with my right ear not popping so we stayed at 10 metre’s. Saw lots of fish and came pretty close to a lion fish. Afterwards I decided to leave diving until the next day and rest my ear. Anyway I walked to the beach and found the others. I ate some lunch. Spent the re4st of the day relaxing on the beach. About 5ish I went back and cleaned myself. A while later we walked into town and ate dinner whilst watching a crap film. Eventually dinner came and afterwards we watched a bit of Casino followed by the walk back to our huts and then a much needed early night.