Gili Trawangan

Woke up feeling OK. Laid around for a while and then ordered breakfast. That was edible apart from the tea but was just about drinkable if you shoved loads of sugar in it! Anyway we got up and got ready to go to the beach again. Giles and Charlotte left before us to pop into town and Debs and I walked to the beach. We had a swim and relaxed in the shade. It was well hot in the sun. Eventually they met up with us and we spent the day either reading, swimming or sunbathing. I hired some snorkelling gear which was good in preparation for diving in a couple of days time. Debs and I ate some noodles for lunch which tasted pretty good and they were cheap. About 4ish Giles and Charlotte went back while Debs and I stayed a while longer. In the evening we again walked into town found another restaurant showing a film (Get Shorty) and ate food. Giles left early due to heat exhaustion and we caught up with him went the rest of us walked back to our huts. He was still alive but had to drink lots of water, Anyway Debs and I played scrabble for a bit and then went to bed.