Gili Trawangan

Woke up got up and went to the toilet and was thrown out of the toilet by Debs. I was left with no other solution I threw up outside over the balcony. I felt better and made another trip to the toilet to release some weight! I went back to bed…. sometime later I tried to eat some food and I drunk some tea. I got up and Debs and I went to the beach to meet Giles and Charlotte. Spent time in the shad and ate some noodles and felt better. Went swimming and read lots. About fiveish we all came back and sorted ourselves out before relaxing for a while. We then walked down the road and had dinner in the Trawangan Restaurant. We saw Phil and Sharon in there too and were supposed to meet them later in the restaurant up the road to watch Pulp Fiction but they never turned up. Anyway after that we walked the 15 minutes back to our hut and crashed out. I even had a good night’s sleep.