Gili Trawanga

Woke up and laid in bed for a while. A bloody chicken annoyed me again but he was too far away for me to throw anything at it. Anyway had breakfast in bed and then got up and ready to hit the beach again..went to the beach and went swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing. Read some and then went to lunch with Debs. Afterwards hit the beach again. Gosh it’s a hard life in the sun. Anyway later on me and Debs walked up to the dive centre and organised myself for tomorrow. Afterwards we walked all the way back to our hut and got ready to go out again. We then walked the long walk back into town. We watched “outbreak” and ate dinner. We then moved to the party restaurant (which was dead) Debs and Charlotte got pissed and also Giles. I however drank water (for once) as I was going to dive the next day. We watched the band play they did not do covers very well. Anyway after a while we got bored and walked back to our huts and had a much needed sleep.