Gili Tiwangan

Woke up with Charlotte saying goodbye as her and Giles were making their way to Candidasa to buy some stuff. Debs and I lay in bed for a while and then I ordered breakfast for myself as I was diving again. I got my stuff ready and said bye to Debs and made the long way to the dive centre. Once I was there I got my gear ready. We then got on the boat and met my buddy Oliver from Holland. Once we got to the dive site we got our kit together and dived in we made our way to 28 metres and saw lots of life including a stonefish! After that I walked down the beach and found Debs sunbathing on her own. I then went and had lunch in the usual place. After lunch I sat on the beach for a while. After which I walked back to the dive centre. After a short wait we got back on the boat and on to the next dive site. The dive was to about 22 metres and I saw a giant clam about a metre long. It was amazing! I also saw a turtle as he swam through the water. After the dive I returned to meet Debs on the beach. We lay on the beach for a while and then went back to our hut got changed to go out. We then walked into town and to the Trawangan restaurant where we met James. Joey was not with him as he flipped out in Thailand. We sat talking to James and said we would meet him on the beach. We then walked all the way back to our little hut and went to bed.