Gili Tiawangan

Was woken up by the man bringing me breakfast at 7.15am. Debs was not too happy about being woken up! Anyway I got ready to go out. I said goodbye to Debs and wandered down to the dive centre. I watched the Padi Deep Dive video in preparation for the morning’s dive. Anyway I put on my wet suit and walked down to the boat. I was diving with the main instructor called Megan. (another Kiwi!). Anyway we drove to a deep trench between the Gili’s and jumped in! We free ascended down, to the bottom at 32 metres. It was great, the current was strong as it carried us along the bottom off the trench. After a bit we ascended to about 20 metres and the 15 before we completed a safety stop and then exited the water. I then walked down the beach found the others and then buggered off to the beach restaurant up the beach. Afterwards I found the others again and sat on the beach until it was time to go back to the dive centre. The afternoon dive was on a reef next to Gili Mino and was another multi level dive to 20 metres and then 16 metres. It was quite a good dive and I again saw lots of life and coral. After the dive I returned to the dive centre and wrote and got my dives logged and signed. I then found the others on the beach. Lay there for a while and returned to our hut. I had a shower and again chilled on a bed. We then went next door for dinner which was empty when we got there but it filled up a bit. Afterwards we all went back to our huts. I lay down and fell into a deep sleep.