Gili Tiawangan

Woke up quite early and lay awake a while before breakfast came along. Afterwards I got my self ready I walked up to the dive centre. We had to wait a while as the boat was still about doing stuff. I sat around talking with Megan and then we walked up the road while she ate some food and I had a cup of tea. We then went back to the dive centre and waited some more. Another person doing the advanced course joined in and watched the underwater navigation video. We then got our gear together and went on the boat. We then dived in once we reached the site. I had a problem at 5 metres in that my right ear would not pop. I tried going up and down to see if it would but it did not so I had to abort the dive. I surfaced and got back on the boat and waited for the others to come back. After that we returned to the dive centre and I decided to stop for the day. I returned to the beach and found the others. I then went to have lunch. Afterwards I went back to the beach and relaxed. I eventually fell asleep for a while. We then returned to the hut. I had a shower and relaxed. Deb’s was not feeling too good after eating some coconut earlier, so the rest of us left her as we walked into town and ate dinner whilst watching a film. We then returned to the hut. Giles and Charlotte went to the party. I however went to bed.