Gili Tawangan

The sun is shinng and we are sitting in an excellent restaurant about to eat chip butties. We have had a fab holiday but now it’s time to go home and we are looking forward to it… 6 days to go Woke up for the eighty sixth time, smiley face was next to me. We lay in bed for a while reading. I finished the sticky bun book and we then got breakfast. After which we did some packing as we were leaving for Ubud tomorrow. Once some of that task was finished we got out beach gear ready and went out. We shopped at the excellent restaurant for a chip butty and I also had a coffee. We then walked to the beach and found a spot to settle for the day. The day was good sitting chilling on the sand with the sun shinning above. We had lunch via a trip to noodle woman cause it was cheap. We met James and his mates on the beach and got him to take a cheesy photo of Debs and me on the beach. We showed him the developed photos of India and then off he went. We were going to meet him at the party later. We left the beach at 4pm and returned to the hut got changed and played scrabble. After which we walked into town and entered the Tragangan restaurant for a beer while watching Casino. After the film we walked to the party and found James again but alas he disappeared. We left later and walked down the beach to our hut and went to sleep unhappy that we did not get James address.