Gili Taiwangan

Woke up as per usual with the bloody cockerel waking up. I found someone to get Debs and I breakfast. We ate that and I prepared my stuff so to go diving for the morning. I was finally able to clear my ears. Debs walked to the dive centre with me as she wanted to buy some more suntan lotion. I said goodbye to her as I had made it to the dive centre. I found Carol and had a cup of coffee whilst we waited for Megan to return from an early morning dive. I then got my gear ready. I was diving with Carol and going to complete the navigation skills for the Advanced Padi course. Once we had reached the dive site we got kited up and entered the water into a mass of small jelly fish. We descended down to about 6 metres and did some stuff with the compass. Afterwards we arrived on to explore the reef. I saw lots of small fish and a cuttlefish. After that we did a safety stop and surfaced. Getting on the boat was fun due to the swell. Anyway I eventually returned to the beach and found Debs. When Giles and Charlotte turned up we walked up the beach to get some lunch. The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the beach. I returned about 4ish to get my stuff together for the night dive. I then walked up to the dive centre and got my gear and then got on the boat. The dive was really good and we saw a puffer fish at 22 metres. I touched him and it was quite slimy. Anyway the moon could be seen from the sea and it looked very mellow. Once the dive had finished I tried to find the others but failed so I had dinner on my own next door to our hut. I then broke into our hut and waited for Debs to return. When she did we lay around for a while and went to sleep.