Galapagos Islands to Isla Espanola

After a fun night rolling around as we sailed all night we awoke on Isla Espanola. After a hearty breakfast on the stern deck table we got ourselves ready for a wet landing near Isla Gardner which was a white coral beach. The beach was inhabited by Sea lions who lounged around the beach not really perturbed by their human visitors. It was truly great to wander amongst them watching them go about their daily lives of being Sea lions. After the walk we went snorkelling off the beach (Gardener Bay) for 45 minutes seeing turtles, rays, sea bass and an assortment of various fish. After that we headed back to the boat for a snack before having another snorkelling session (Gardener Island) around a rock (this time a young sea lion swam amongst us for ages chasing our fins). After that we showered and then had lunch. After that we had a snooze before our 3pm walk. The walk was pretty amazing for wildlife and we saw some more sea lions, Marine Iguanas, Lava lizards, hawks, albatross (and Bal ties)blue footed boobies. (The walk was off Svavez Point) and sea birds, land birds. We also saw a blow hole by the sea which shot water up into the air. There was also great views off the cliffs. Pheebs also nearly got run over by an inquisitive seal lion! After a long walk we headed back on board for beer and then showers before dinner. After dinner (or during) we left for our journey to Floreana Island which should take 4 hours. Hopefully we will get some sleep.