Further garden developments

New back fence

So Pheebs and I finally received some of hurdles from Natural Fencing which enabled us to put them up in the back yard. We’re hoping that we get the other 4 fence panels from this company who so far haven’t been the best in the world at providing active communication on the progress of our order. Shocking really but the hurdles supplied are very well made so we’re pleased from that perspective. Let’s hope the other 4 turn up before christmas……

Anyway, they do look good plus provide both us and our neighbours a little more privacy. They’ll also enable us to complete the planting in the back yard as we do want to grow stuff up them to create our mini oasis. 😉

Front yard path

Pheebs has also used the ex-dining room tiles we had left over from creating the garden patio to create a cool path in the front garden. We also drilled some anchor points in the front wall for the Virginia Climber and Wisteria to grow further and provide coverage over the wall. It’ll be interesting to see how much it grows over the next year! 😉

New climber anchor points