Flying with the Downers

Pheebs in the plane

So, it was another trip to Popham airfield and Airborne Aviation as Phoebe had booked a secret 20 minute trial flight for her dad. I’d also arranged for Phoebe to have a 40 minute session for her pending birthday to see if she liked flying. Unfortunately it meant that I had to have another go and this time I wasn’t nervous as I was on the first attempt. Even though the flight was twice as long as I’d completed before it didn’t seem to last long enough. We were all luck with the weather in that we avoided the showers that were plaguing the area and it was amusing to avoid the squalls in the air. I think both Pheebs and her Dad both enjoyed their experiences and I’ve got to see if I can save up some dosh to complete the first course…….mmmm, although I think our 3 week holiday will take precedence over that…. 🙂

It was also an interesting day as my parents met Phoebe’s parents for the first time over lunch. I think they were expecting an announcement but I guess that wasn’t the case……..give me a chance! 🙂