Blimey, just got back from band practice with the new project and played drums for three hours. I’ve kinda always had an interest in playing the drums but never took it anywhere until now. Got a Yamaha DTExpress secondhand off John the old drummer from the last band and have been bashing away.

Andy's Drums

I’ve just recently upgraded the snare to a mesh type from the nice chaps at ADC drums who where very helpful. They even got the maker of the snare Colin Koby to phone me up as I had problems setting it up. Unfortunately the drum was faulty but they soon sorted that out in a couple of days….. thanks chaps.

Going back to this evening, drumming for 3 hours has taken it out of me but it’s good exercise. Just need to keep practicing and learning so I can get to a reasonably standard to gig with later in the year…… 🙂