DIY - Part 2

Dining room stripped

So continuing on from stripping the front bedroom I moved onto the front room and dining rooms. The front room wasn’t that bad to do but the dining room was bad due to the old plaster coming away. The dining room also had polystyrene tiles on the ceiling and when removed pulled down chunks of old plaster. I guess that means I’ll have to either re-plaster or cover up with plasterboard.

The dining room floor

On lifting up the old carpet I was amazed to see the tiled floor but this makes sense when you think that this was the old kitchen back in the victorian day. The kitchen has since been moved to a single story single brick skin extension but obviously they left the tiled floor underneath. On further investigation this appears to have been bedded in lime mortar straight onto dirt which probably explains why I’m getting damp into the room etc. Something needs to be done about this if I’m to resolve the damp issue. 🙂