DIY - Part 1

The House back in the day

So I’ve got a house and with owning a house comes maintenance….gulp and spending money……bigger gulp…….and lots of work……..So the first job was to strip the wallpaper and polystyrene tiles from the main bedroom.

Decorating the main bedroom

Problem was that due to a damp issue from the guttering I ended up pulling down some loose plaster back to brick. Obviously this will need re-plastering with a 3 to 1 sand cement mixture and some renderguard gold additive. This was on advice from BWT damp proof specialists who originally put a chemical damp proofing back in 1996 as this makes the plaster salt retardant and waterproof. Still I’ll need to sort out the guttering issue to resolve the root cause of the damp in the first place but I suspect I might need to involve a roofer to examine the potential source of the water.


Once, the walls had been stripped with a steamer and the tiles removed from the ceiling I was left with a blank canvas reading for skimming ( but not before sanding the walls to remove the left over bumps etc).

Ready for plastering