Delhi to Agra

After getting up early and expecting a mini bus to pick us up, we were confronted by a man and a car who was sent by the travel agent stating that there were no mini buses on Monday due to a company policy. He expected us to get 6 people and baggage into one car for 900 rupees (well expensive). Scott and Jim had to go back to the office where they waited for an hour before they got their money back. Anyway we loaded up had breakfast at a corner shop café and then proceeded by foot to the station, where everybody tried to help us get a ticket in either their friends or families travel shop. But we managed to get a 2nd class ticket by rail to Agra. After a hot gruelling 3 hour train ride (this being the fastest) we arrived at Agra Station only to be greeted by more Tuletuk drivers, of which we paid 10 rupees to get a lift to the Hotel *ink, which was very nice. After dinner we talked to the local residents about where to go next and went to bed, in an attempt to get some sleep in order to see the Taj Mahal and fort earlier the next day.