Corbett National Park

Woke up about 5am and woke Debs up for a change! We were going for a morning walk but decided to take a jeep ride on the chance of seeing a tiger. It was really spectacular. The scenery and sounds were breathtaking. We saw lots of animals, mainly elephants and deer things but no tigers. We returned and had breakfast and then read for a while in the library. After which I went back and played chess with Geof a guy from New Zealand. This lasted about 1 1/2 hours ands then we went out on an Elephant which was good fun. But alas we didn’t see a tiger but we did see lots of wild elephants, deer and monkeys plus birds. We got back in one piece and we had dinner which was good before sitting out on the porch talking to Geoff and a Canadian we met. We eventually turned in about 11.30pm absolutely knackered.