Corbett National Park (All day!!)

Again woke up at 5am and got ready to go out into the park. It was the best time to go out as the air was cool and pleasant. We couldn’t get on the elephants so we were persuaded to go out on jeep again. The scenery smells, sounds were just amazing. We saw lots of wild elephants, deer etc but again no tigers. Maybe tigers knew something I don’t we returned about 3 hours later and had breakfast and then went back to sleep until midday. We both got up and walked down to the watch tower we saw birds and wild elephants at a distance. I returned with Geoff and played my guitar while Debs stayed in the tower. We then went on another elephant and saw exactly the same things as before and no tiger but as per usual everyone saw one apart from Debs and me. We returned had dinner and went to bed early hopeful for the next day.