Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker Streets
Getting up early is turning into a habit. Up at 7.30 (a little more civilized). We dragged ourselves on to the already steamingly hot streets to wander and find somewhere nice for breakfast. Man, that breakfast was good and I needed a couple of cokes to quench my thirst and dehydrated body into shape. We then got some dosh out and found a little pier aside turquoise waters for a dip and some sun bathing. Once that arduous task was over with (yes, life is hard) we went for lunch and then had a dip off the Split. It was quite good fun but I had sinus pain after duck diving to 3 meters (and the current was quite strong) so we moved back to the pier for one last dip. We then headed back to our hotel for a shower and chill before getting ready to go out. Got some more dosh as were are off sailing tomorrow. Went to Habaneros for dinner and drinks – amazing plate design and food presentation, wonderful food. We had the full works with cocktails, main course and desert and though we were going to pop. It was a really great meal and once that was over we went back to the hotel and passed out.