Woke up and headed into the dining room for breakfast (where I was accused of stealing a seat!), after which we got ready for our trip up to the glacier 4×4!. The trip up the mountain took about an hour and a half with some very bumpy roads to navigate (and I was in the very back seat!) Once we got to the top (4800m) we walked around admiring the view of the glacier and surrounding countryside. After some time we got back in the 4×4’s and headed down the mountain (worth noting that Carlos was also driving one of the 4×4’s!) After we got back we had lunch and chilled out Pheebs and I also managed to have a swim but it was slightly chilly. (It took me a while to get into the pool!). After that we chilled out some more by the pool before having dinner at 6.30pm. After that I helped Carlos with attempting to send an email for Will (but failed as he had no email account) so we had to use mine. However by the time Will actually wrote the mail the internet time ran out! After that Pheebs and I headed to bed. Night